Latest Unhappy Knick: Eddy Curry

by December 28, 2009

Make room, Nate Robinson. Eddy Curry is also displeased with Mike D’Antoni’s way of conducting business: “One day after saying the Knicks should release him after the season if they don’t play him, the divide between Eddy Curry and Mike D’Antoni is growing. Curry expressed frustration yesterday with the lack of communication from the Knicks coach, who still hasn’t talked to Curry since yanking him from the rotation … Last month, D’Antoni gave Curry’s development as a reason for passing on Allen Iverson. Now D’Antoni has Curry buried in his doghouse, next to Nate Robinson. Curry, a DNP the past four games, and Robinson, a DNP for 11 straight, are close friends and have grown closer by their leper status. ‘As a player you always want to know what’s going on,’ Curry said. ‘That’s his style I guess. I’m not in any position to question his style. I’m just going to roll with it and hopefully I’ll get out there.’ For the second straight day, Curry would not use D’Antoni’s name or call him as coach — as he used to. Instead, Curry referred to D’Antoni as ‘he’ and ‘him.’ ‘He understands right now where we are,’ D’Antoni said. Curry does not sound convinced that D’Antoni thinks he’s a good fit because he is a low-post player. ‘I feel like I do [fit in],’ Curry said. ‘[But] it’s not my team. I’ll keep approaching it as if it is the right fit for me as long as I’m here. They have the power to change it. Until they decide I’m not the right fit by moving me, I’m assuming I’m the right fit.”’