Lawrence Frank Calls Detroit Pistons ‘Disheartening to Watch’

After Monday night’s beatdown at the hands of the visiting Brooklyn Nets, Detroit Pistons head coach Lawrence Frank ripped his team. Per the Detroit News: “The latest, a 37-point whipping at the hands of the Brooklyn Nets, simply adds to the ledger. It is a Nets team, by the way, to whom the Pistons lost their two earlier meetings by a total of five points. Since the break: back-to-back losses to the Pacers by a total of 50 points, a 39-point loss to the San Antonio Spurs and a 32-point loss to the L.A. Clippers. ‘This is our fifth game like this since the break,’ said Pistons coach Lawrence Frank, who returned to the team after a six-game absence due to his wife’s illness. ‘As a group we stunk. This is disheartening to watch.’ […] If they haven’t quit, it looks like high-level coasting since the All-Star break at the very least. This is a total change from the way they performed in the first half of the season. ‘We have to restore the pride of being a Piston,’ said Frank before Monday’s game. ‘We’re not gonna restore it in a day but, big picture, we have to get that pride back in wearing that jersey.’ […] ‘We’d better (have fight left). Our intent to start the game is right and then stuff happens,’ Frank said.”