Lawrence Frank’s Future: Up in the Air

As in, his boss is going to let him twist in the wind for a while: “The decision to fire or keep Lawrence Frank now enters a silly, Dolanesque phase, the one where his boss needs to sit in a dark room and ruminate for a while as he ponders those two columns filled with reasons why he should or should not let the guy back in the building. To which we say: You just had 82 games to decide whether Frank is the right guy for this team, and you’re still not sure? ‘As Mr. Ratner said, it’s my decision and I’m just trying to think it through and look at all the different factors,’ Rod Thorn said Wednesday. ‘All the facets of our team and go from there.’ And those facets might be? ‘Is the voice still pertinent. Do I think the team will reach whatever its limitations are. Are we still headed in the right direction,’ he said. ‘Those type things.'”