Leandro Barbosa’s Season May Be Over With Injured Knee

by February 12, 2013

The Boston Celtics can ill afford another injury at this point, but they were dealt another tough blow last night in Charlotte. Leandro Barbosa hurt his left knee, and teammate Kevin Garnett thinks he’s done for the rest of the season. Per the Boston Globe: “Barbosa grabbed a loose ball, passed it and then tumbled near the photographers area and stayed there as play continued on the other side of the court. After Jeff Green fouled Brendan Haywood, Celtics players rushed to help Barbosa, who couldn’t get up on his own. He was carried off the court by rookie center Fab Melo and head trainer Ed Lacerte without placing pressure on either leg. He will undergo an MRI on Tuesday but Celtics coach Doc Rivers said the injury didn’t ‘look good’ while Kevin Garnett said the players were told the injury is season ending. ‘We got the news when we came in the locker room,’ Garnett said. ‘It’s tough all the way around. You mesh with these guys and all of a sudden you see a season-ending injury. It’s tough. We’re grinding right now on top of a back-to-back emotional game. The blow of Barbosa is kind of the fog or the cloud that’s in the room right now.’ When asked if he was told Barbosa’s season was over, Garnett said, ‘Pretty much.’ Teammate Courtney Lee wasn’t so sure Barbosa was going to miss the season. ‘We’re not sure what he has,’ Lee said. ‘Hopefully he’ll be fine. Hopefully he’ll miss a couple of days and get back at it. We’re hoping it’s not too serious. I hope he’s OK though. He said he’s fine, so hopefully he just twisted something and needs ice and a couple of days of rest.'”