LeBron James: Cavs Lack an Enforcer

by March 04, 2016

Reporters peppered LeBron James with questions Thursday about his recent trip to Miami, where he worked out with former Heat teammate Dwyane Wade, but LBJ was in no mood to entertain them: “Cause I want to,” was all King James would offer as an explanation.

James did open up a bit more when it comes to what the Cleveland Cavaliers need.

LeBron and his teammates say the team doesn’t have a bruising enforcer for opponents to worry about.

Per the NEOMG:

“I’ve won championships with one, I’ve lost championships without one,” James said after practice on Thursday. That’s a telling response. James mentioned Udonis Haslem and Chris “Birdman” Anderson as the two enforcers who helped him win it all twice in Miami.


Last year the Cavaliers picked up big man Kendrick Perkins in February. Although he’s not the defensive stalwart he once was, he’s still very much a physical, intimidating presence who commands a locker room’s respect. […] “As far as an enforcer, we don’t possess that this year,” James said. “Losing Perk was a big piece of our success last year, even with his limited minutes. But what he meant to our team both in the locker room and when he got his opportunity was huge.”


“[An enforcer], it’s vital. It’s vital. Having an enforcer like that, [someone] that has championship experience,” (Kyrie) Irving said. “I don’t think we just necessarily want an enforcer, but enforcers are always on championship teams. They have that one guy that we put into the game. That Boston series, it changed drastically just because of Perk going in.” […] That play Irving is referring to was Game 4 of the first-round series against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden. Cleveland was up 3-0. Kevin Love’s left shoulder had already been dislocated in a rebound skirmish with Kelly Olynyk. Boston knew it couldn’t beat Cleveland, so the Celtics tried to beat them up.