LeBron James Compares His Game to Magic Johnson’s

by February 27, 2012

LeBron James sees a lot of MJ in the way he plays basketball. Magic Johnson, that is. Per Yahoo! Sports: “For all his talent, James has yet to show the same type of killer mentality NBA champions like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Larry Bird owned. Bird said earlier this season that if he needed to win a game, he’d choose Bryant as a teammate over James. If he wanted to have more fun, Bird also said, he’d take James instead of Bryant. James sees himself as a player who would rather pick his offensive spots and get his teammates involved like Magic Johnson did when he won five titles for the Los Angeles Lakers. “Champions come in different shapes, sizes and forms,” James said. “Everyone always compares Kobe to Jordan and says they always have had that killer mentality. They always had that dagger, that dog. Then you look at Magic [Johnson], and people say that he was fun to play with. He was great. He always had his teammates’ back. He always got his teammates involved. He was a champion as well. They come in different shapes and sizes and forms and different colors as well. For me, I see myself on the side of the Magic range where I love my teammates, love being around them. I want them to be happy as well. At the same time, dominate the game, as well. I got a long way to go still to get to [Jordan’s and Bryant’s] levels to get multiple championships. Hopefully, I can get there someday.'”