LeBron James Felt Uncomfortable at Dwyane Wade’s Wedding This Summer

The Miami Heat, though obviously devastated, did plenty of tough talking after LeBron James spurned them and re-joined the Cleveland Cavaliers in July.

A month later, James had to face many of his former Heat teammates at Dwyane Wade’s wedding at a swanky castle outside Miami. Awkward.

James, it should surprise no one, wasn’t exactly comfortable (or made to feel welcome) during the celebration.


Before he headed to South America for another NBA globalization tour, LeBron James joked that the league wanted to guarantee he’d be on this promotional trip, so it scheduled the Cleveland Cavaliers to play the Miami Heat months before he even became a free agent. […] “They made sure it’d be the two teams I’d sign with,” James said with a smile.


James flew in [for the wedding] to be there for his friend Wade, but apparently had to play a bit of a wallflower role. He never made his way over to Chris Bosh’s table because Bosh said James hasn’t spoken to him since he decided to sign with the Cavs in July. Though maybe it should’ve been Bosh who came up to speak with James; his decision to sign in Cleveland immediately saw the Heat increase their offer to Bosh by perhaps as much as $30 million. At the very least, Bosh could’ve sent over a drink.


James later told friends that having to share the same room with Heat president Pat Riley was uncomfortable that night. It stands to reason it was probably hard to make eye contact with Heat owner Micky Arison or coach Erik Spoelstra as well.

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