LeBron James Goes to Bat For Carmelo Anthony

by February 20, 2011

CBSSports.com transcribed some revealing media day quotes. Reading these, it’s clear Bron has Melo’s back. “‘Carmelo Anthony is his own man, just like I’m my own man,’ LeBron said, butting into the latest interrogation of Anthony to take the Heat off his friend. ‘It’s totally different. It’s totally different, because one thing about me, when I was going through my situation, I was able to hide a little bit because it was the offseason when it got heavy. This guy’s traveling every day, he has to play, he still has to put on a uniform and still represent the Denver Nuggets the right way and still listen to you guys ask him every single day what is he doing, where is he going. And he knows just as much as you guys know.’ Asked if the Melo saga has grown worse than LeBron’s free-agent extravaganza this past summer, James said, ‘Yeah, because he has to see you guys every day. I didn’t have to see you at all in the offseason.'”

And now check the vid, taken by the L.A. Times. (Fast forward to the 37 second mark):