LeBron James Had a Remarkable Game in Milwaukee

by February 14, 2012

The Milwaukee Bucks were victimized by LeBron James last night; the Miami Heat superstar registered what was (statistically-speaking) one of the greatest games of his NBA career. Per ESPN: “LeBron James has played more than 800 preseason, regular-season and playoff games in his NBA career, scoring in excess of 18,000 points if you pile them all together. Never has he played a game like Monday night. Unlike many of his great games, though, this was subtle. But that did not make it unimpressive. He had four dunks in the Heat’s 114-96 victory, breaking a three-game Miami losing streak to the Milwaukee Bucks that dated to last year and stuck out like a neon sign on their record this season. The dunks, however, were not the show. Not even the one when he went from outside the 3-point line to the rim in one dribble thanks to a split double team, a long stride and a 13-foot leap. It bent the traveling rules but didn’t break them, believe it or not. No, James’ dominance came with his decision-making and his endless execution. He took 21 shots. He made 16. One of them, just one, was outside 15 feet from the rim. That one was from 18 feet and it came on his 20th shot of the night. You can go back and look at the film of those 800 games, but it’ll be a waste of time. There hasn’t been anything else like it. James killed the Bucks for 35 points in just 33 minutes on the floor and all of it came on relentless interior play. None of them will make the highlights like that long-range dunk. James just made shot after shot after shot from the post and from mid-range. ‘How can you guard me when I’m playing like that?’ James said afterwards, repeating a question. ‘You can’t, I don’t think.'”