LeBron James on the Miami Heat: ‘What We’re Doing Right Now Ain’t Good Enough’

by March 23, 2014


The Miami Heat have lost seven of 11 games, and, naturally, LeBron James is sick of it. After the team’s loss against the New Orleans Pelicans Saturday night, James lit into his squad’s effort. Per ESPN

His head buried beneath the hood of his sweatshirt, James sat for what would be about a 30-minute wait as the last members of the team dragged themselves out of the arena after the Heat stumbled through a 105-95 loss to the lottery-bound New Orleans Pelicans. 

The scene was symbolic. 

James is hurt, tired and frustrated as he waits on this team to get its act back together. And after seeing the two-time defending champion Heat lose for the seventh time in their past 11 games at a time when they’re supposed to be gearing up for another postseason run, enough was enough. 

“It’s too many excuses; everything is an excuse,” James bristled as he rushed through his postgame session with reporters before fleeing the locker-room scene as other Miami players were still showering. “We do something wrong, it’s an excuse. We don’t get a stop, it’s an excuse. We turn the ball over, it’s an excuse. What we’re doing right now ain’t good enough.”