LeBron James: New York Knicks Need Time to Figure Things Out

by January 27, 2012

Drawing parallels to his own’s squads struggles last season, LeBron James says Knicks fans and media should give the team time to come together, and that success takes patience. I’m sure both groups will take LeBron’s advice to heart and react to the Knicks’ ongoing failures accordingly from this day forth. From the NY Post: “LeBron James compared the Miami Dream Team’s slow start last season to the Knicks’ current malaise, but stopped short of calling them contenders for the Eastern Conference title. ‘It takes time,’ James said Wednesday night from Detroit, where his Heat played the Pistons. ‘It’s never going to work right overnight, and we were the prime example of that. It took us time. We were 9-8 at one point, but it took us even longer after that to become a good team, to know each other, to learn each other, what works for each other, what don’t work. I think they’re going through the same thing right now but people want results now. That’s just the league and the world we leave in.’ […] James didn’t go overboard in predicting big things for the ‘Broadway Bigs,’ featuring Carmelo Anthony, Amar’e Stoudemire and Chandler. In fact, James was the one who triggered that famous Chris Paul toast at Anthony’s 2010 wedding when he kidded to Paul that he could form another superteam in New York with Stoudemire and Anthony. Paul, now with the Clippers, made his toast, but the sentiment is now shattered. ‘That’s really not for me to answer,’ James said on whether the Knicks can compete for the East. ‘I feel they got some really good pieces, but as far as righting the ship, I don’t know. I’m here with my teammates and I got to worry about what we have going on here.’”