LeBron James Plays Flag Football With Strangers

by September 14, 2011

Many NBA players are up to interesting things during these locked-out times, but we can’t say we expected to hear LeBron James has taken up flag football as a hobby. According to NYC Social Sports Club, Bron saw a pick-up game going on and jumped in, playing a multitude of positions, and even grabbed a couple of picks and caught a touchdown: “He just randomly walked into the field and went up to one of the teams that was standing on the sidelines and said, ‘Hey are you guys done?’ Everyone was like ‘No no no! Come play!’ He played on the Military team (Untouchables). He quarter backed, played defence [sic], and wide receiver. He caught two interceptions, which were pretty impressive, and then he took a picture with us! When he scored a touchdown he did the Cat Daddy dance which I then did too and we had a little dance off. He was there for 10-15 minutes with a guy who was either body guard, or a friend, or both! Then he left!”

(H/T: The Big Lead)