LeBron James Says There is No Feud With Coach David Blatt

by December 30, 2014

When asked about a reported chasm between Cleveland players and Cavaliers head coach David Blatt, LeBron James pooh-poohed the story as a bunch of media-created nonsense.

James offered a tepid endorsement for his embattled coach, but insists that things are fine within the locker room.

All-Star point guard teammate Kyrie Irving was much more forthcoming with his support for Blatt.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

“Yeah, he’s our coach,” James said when asked after practice on Monday if he thought Blatt was the right coach for the Cavs. “I mean, what other coach do we have? We have our head coach — Coach Blatt — and we have our assistants. They put together a game plan for us to go out and succeed every night.”


“Listen, man. I don’t pay no bills around here, man,” James said. “I’m happy who we have at our helm. He’s our coach. For it to make a feud between me and Blatt or the team and Blatt is just a sell. That’s all it is, it’s just a sell to get people to read it and put something at the bottom of the ticker, that’s all it is. It’s funny, you can write those same things when we win, too. You just write them when we lose because it looks better.”


“I’ll do anything for Coach Blatt,” Irving said, “and I know players feel the same thing.”