LeBron James Says Flopping Is Not a Bad Thing

Though opponents routinely scream that they’re a bunch of floppers, it should be noted that no Miami Heat players have been warned or fined for flopping by the NBA in the regular season or the Playoffs. Still, LeBron James (no fan of the act himself) can understand why some players do it, and thinks it works for them. On the whole, LBJ doesn’t see what the big fuss over flopping is. Per CBS Sports: “‘It hasn’t been a problem for many guys at all,’ James said. ‘I don’t really pay too much attention to it. I think it’s been good, I guess.’ And since we’re guessing here, I guess LeBron was talking about the policy itself, not the fact that it has proved to be woefully ineffective at stopping the bane of basketball, the trickery and foolishness that are ruining the games. ‘It’s year one, so you’re not just going to go cold turkey,’ James said. ‘Guys have been accustomed to doing it for years, and it’s not even a bad thing. You’re just trying to get the advantage. Any way you can get the advantage over an opponent to help your team win, then so be it.’ […] ‘It’s sad to say, but it’s not just against the Heat but throughout the whole season,’ Pacers center Roy Hibbert said. ‘We all make a substantial amount of money and people still do it.’ ‘Who’s the worst?’ I asked. ‘I’m not going to answer that,’ Hibbert said. […] I asked Dwyane Wade on Monday what he thinks about the league’s anti-flopping policy and how well it’s worked. His reaction was telling. ‘Um, I don’t know, I don’t want to get into all that,’ Wade said, before pausing for a couple of seconds. ‘I don’t want to get into it.’ When I pointed out that flopping still happens in the games, he agreed. ‘It happens,’ Wade said. ‘But we would have no NBA possibly if they got rid of all the flopping.'”