LeBron James Surprised Miami is ‘Just Done’ With Chris Bosh

by September 28, 2016

The Miami Heat basically kicked Chris Bosh to the curb after he failed a physical ahead of training camp, and LeBron James was taken aback by Pat Riley’s declaration that the 11-time All-Star’s career in South Beach is over.

Bosh, 32, is owed $79 million over the next three seasons and intends to suit up again.

James says he’ll continue to support his former teammate, with whom he won two NBA titles.

Per the NEOMG:

“We all know it’s probably a difficult situation for him,” James said Tuesday, after the Cavs’ first practice. “(I was) pretty surprised a little bit to hear that the team is just done with him, and then to come out and say it. It’s not like I’ve been there, to know exactly what’s going on in the interior. So I’ve only seen it from the exterior like the rest of us.


“So, um, I just wish the best for him and he has my support.”


If you read James’ comments as another jab in the cold war between James and Riley since James left the Heat in the summer of 2014, so be it.

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