LeBron James: Talk Of Legacy Is ‘Stupid’

by June 05, 2014

Since LeBron first stepped on the court, there’s been talk about what his place in history will be when all is said and done. Winning two straight rings has amped up the chatter, and if he can complete a threepeat this month, we can expect a new wave of LeBron vs. MJ comparisons. One guy who isn’t talking about LeBron’s legacy, though, is LeBron. From USA Today:

Wednesday, James called talk of his legacy premature and “stupid.”


“My legacy will speak for itself after I’m done playing,” James said. “It’s something I can’t control. I worry about what I can control, and that’s how I approach the game on and off the floor, every single day.”


“Just be in this position to be able to win a third straight, it’s a blessing. I couldn’t ask for more,” James said. “This is an opportunity for me to do what I always wanted to do and that’s to continue to win championships. That’s what I’m here for.”