LeBron James Wants to Share Ideas for NBA Growth With Incoming Commissioner Adam Silver

This is David Stern’s last week on the job, and with Adam Silver about to take over the big job, the League’s best player would like to help Silver grow the NBA. LeBron James says he has fresh ideas to push the Association forward. Per ESPN:

“Hopefully I can sit down with the commish and just throw out some ideas where I hope the league can be better,” James said as the Heat prepared to face the Oklahoma City Thunder on Wednesday night. “Hopefully he has some ideas for me.”

Silver will take over for David Stern on Saturday, the first time in 30 years the league has had a change in leadership. James slowly has been getting more personally involved in league business. He attended negotiating sessions during the 2011 lockout, and last year he considered running for president of the players’ union before deciding against it.

“It’s not a major change, but the game can always be bigger,” James said. “There’s a lot of people who love the game who can’t watch the game, so hopefully we can [expand it].”

“The opportunities I’ve had to be around him as he’s been the assistant commish, he’s been easy to talk to,” James said. “He understands the business and someone who understands what the game means to everyone — the whole pie. Best of luck to him; hopefully he can get 30 years in, too.”

“David has been great,” James said. “Obviously we had a lockout, but at the end of the day the players want more and the owners want more and we all want more. You can’t knock what David has done. He came in in the ’80s and built the game into what it is today. Can you name a commissioner who is better than him and what he’s done? I don’t think so.”