LeBron James Wants to Shoot 80% from the Free Throw Line

by January 13, 2012

LeBron James, a career 74% free throw shooter, says he wants to reach the 80 percent mark this season. That will take a lot of concentration, Bron-Bron. From the Palm Beach Post: “Ten of the Heat’s 15 players participated in an optional workout at the Pepsi Center late Thursday afternoon. One of those 10: LeBron James, who spent the final few minutes practicing his free throws, following a 9-for-17 struggle that contributed to Miami’s overtime loss to the Clippers. During one stretch I was able to see, he made 17-of-20. ‘It’s about repetition,’ James said. ‘Repetition and consistency. I didn’t shoot the ball particularly well from the free throw line [Wednesday] night, so you know, you come in and you try to fix it. So I thought I would do that today.’ […] ‘My goal is to shoot 80-plus this year,’ James said. ‘I know I’m going to get to the line enough, so you’ve just got to go up there and knock them down. But I guess my averages kind of average out, and I’m back to the mid-70s again. But it’s all about concentration, like I said, repetition. You get the opportunity to go up there and shoot free throws, you try to knock them down.'”