LeBron James Wishes to Be on a 70-Win Team

by November 27, 2015

The 11-4 Cleveland Cavaliers, in all likelihood, will not win 70 games this season (they’re currently on pace for 60 Ws.)

According to LeBron James, the biggest factor in piling up so many victories is talent.

James has been frustrated with the Cavs‘ early-season stumbles, but seems to believe they’ll get their act together sooner or later.

Per the Akron Beacon Journal:

The best regular season finish in his career was 66 wins, which he accomplished once with the Cavs and once with the Miami Heat. He’d like to make a run at 70 wins, which has only been done once. With the Golden State Warriors are off to a historic start and the topic of 70 surfacing, James conceded he’d like to make a run at it, too.


“You’ve got to have talent, man. You gotta have talent. You gotta have talent. That’s the No. 1 thing,” he said. “No matter if you’ve got the greatest system in the world, you gotta have talent to be able to equalize that and execute that. But I don’t know. It’d have been great to be on a team to win 70 games, it’s just another feat in your career.”


The Warriors continue to dismantle the league as talk of 70 wins intensifies, but that lofty mark is already moot in Cleveland — frankly it was never really viable for a team with this many injuries. But the victories that matter most come in June. […] “We’re a pretty good team, well coached,” James said. “We just have to continue to do better. It’s early in the season, but we’ll be all right.”