More Playing Time for LeBron?

Y’know, because he’s clearly not doing enough for the Cavs: “It means they are in position to perhaps earn home-court advantage throughout the playoffs, especially considering the Boston Celtics, whom the Cavs lead by two games in the loss column, are now missing five players because of injury and the Lakers are starting a stretch where they play 10 of 13 games on the road. Despite the impression the team may put out there publicly, they are keenly aware of this fact. Especially LeBron James, who is prepared to increase his playing time if needed to make sure the Cavs finish the month strong. After visits to the Clippers, Phoenix Suns and Sacramento Kings this week, the Cavs finish March with eight of nine games at home. ‘If playing time has to increase for us to win ballgames because of the race with Orlando and Boston and L.A., then it will increase,’ James said Tuesday. ‘I have no problem with that because I feel healthy. I have nicks and bruises but everybody does; I’m comfortable.'”