LeBron Wants the Celtics in the ECF

by May 14, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

It took seven grueling games, but they managed to knock his team out of the postseason last year, on their way to a championship.

And now, LeBron James (try as he might to mask it) wants another shot at the Boston Celtics.

From the Plain Dealer:

LeBron James may have mastered the art of the no-look pass, but his use of deception on his preference for Eastern Conference Finals opponent isn’t as polished…the more he talked, the more it became obvious that if James and the rest of the Cavs had their choice, they would choose a rematch with the defending champion Celtics and not the Orlando Magic.

He said he’d seen every one of the Magic’s playoff games and talked about how difficult they are to defend with Dwight Howard and his strong shooters. But there was an edge when James discussed the Celtics.

Last year’s seven-game series with the Celtics was nothing if not a rivalry starter. James has said the Game 7 defeat in Boston, when he scored 45 points and Celtics’ star Paul Pierce scored 41, was one of the hardest of his career. Has he wanted another postseason shot at Pierce and Boston since? “I’m a competitor, I thrive on going against the best,” James said. “I love playing against the best you make your answer out of that.”

The Celtics are one win away from making the dream matchup a reality.

King James wants his vengeance, and there seems to be no reason to believe he won’t get it.