Lil B: ‘Harden Has Been Warned We Need Answers’

Last week, Bay area rapper Lil B threatened to curse James Harden for stealing his “cookin’ dance.” And now that the Rockets are down 3 games to none in the Western Conference Finals, you’ve got to wonder if this was the Based God’s doing.

Clearly, Lil B was keeping tabs on Game 3 last night, because he tweeted the following:

That seems to imply that Lil B felt sorry for James Harden, asking us all to leave him alone. But when the final score hit 115-180 Golden State, the Based God just couldn’t resist, given the “coincidence” of the 35-point victory.

Of course, Lil B is making refence to his ever-famous curse on Kevin Durant.

Hate on Lil B (and us covering Lil B) all you want—if you want to catch the wrath of his next curse.