Lionel Hollins in Favor of Keeping Grizzlies Together

Seemingly, not a day goes by without another trade rumor surrounding the Grizzlies organization. Coach Lionel Hollins, for one, thinks it’s far too early to break up the team (from the Commercial Appeal): “So it was that Lionel Hollins went on the radio Friday morning and said that he’d like to keep the team together at least this year. He then reiterated his position before the game. ‘I like my team, we’re 23-10; why would I want to break up a 23-10 team?’ he said. OK, but did he tell management his thoughts on the matter? ‘I talk to them about a lot of things, but that’s their call,’ he said. ‘If they didn’t hear about it this morning, they’ll hear about it tomorrow when you write a big, glorious column and I’ll get the notes (Saturday) when I’m in Dallas and I should have kept my mouth shut.'”