Lionel Hollins Wants Brook Lopez to Be Tougher

New Brooklyn Nets head coach Lionel Hollins is trying to maximize center Brook Lopez’s potential.

The laid-back big fella would benefit from being a lot more aggressive on the block, according to Hollins.

Per Newsday:

“Making Brook a better basketball player is a priority,” Hollins said. “Being tougher, being more aggressive, thinking that every time the play is for him [to score], but also being a guy that’s passing the ball to his open teammates. It’s not just Brook, it’s everybody. When I see a guy has a chance to pass to an open teammate for an easier shot, I try to point that out.”


“Just being more aggressive, being tougher, rebounding better. Just being a force in the paint,” Hollins said. “When you’re 7 feet, weigh 260, I’d like for him to be a force. I’d like all of our big guys to play tougher, more aggressive . . . Be an inside player. If you’re an inside player or a big guy, control the paint, play outside last. Don’t play outside and never get into the paint.”


“I think Brook has got to learn to use his strength, his size to his advantage,” [Deron] Williams said. “I don’t think [Hollins] is saying, ‘Brook never shoot a jumper,’ because that would be taking away something that Brook’s really good at. But I think he wants Brook to establish himself as a low-post presence, and I think we as a team need that. That’s something we kind of missed last year.”