Longshot Apparel Introduces New ‘Tall’ Clothing Line

by September 21, 2011


Height has always been at the heart of basketball. It’s something that teams always want and players always hope for, all for a simple reason: being tall makes it easier to play basketball. But as easy as on-the-court life can be for a 6-8 man, it can be just as difficult off it. But fear not, big men: your days of searching every corner of the internet for a shirt are now done, thanks to Longshot Apparel.

Here are some details, via a Longshot Apparel press release:

Longshot Apparel has launched a line of “tall” shirts (not to be confused with big and tall shirts). Many professional men have fit and wear tested the shirts, including ESPN’s NBA Analyst, Ric Bucher. With the size rang from 6’1″ to 6’10”, we are also receiving positive feedback from professional athletes who are wearing the product. At 6’10”, NBA Forward, Nick Collison is at the top of the size chart and has found the fit to be great. Ready to wear apparel is a rarity for many tall men and professional athletes.  Longshot is the only brand that addresses the true fit needs of fit, tall men.