Lorenzen Wright Received Threats from His Wife?

by August 03, 2010

According to Wright’s former assistant, Lorenzen’s wife left him threats prior to his death. Reports My Eyewitness News: “Lorenzen Wright’s former personal assistant says she has audio recordings of Sherra Wright threatening to harm Lorenzen. She claims she played the recordings for Lorenzen, his parents and Memphis police before his murder. ‘I have the evidence that she said these things… and she knows it,’ Lorenzen’s former personal assistant Wendy Wilson says. From the day Lorenzen Wright’s body was found riddled with bullets in a grassy field in Southeast Memphis, Wilson insisted the investigation should focus on Wright’s ex-wife, Sherra. Wilson says the recordings she made of Sherra Wright’s conversations were so unsettling she warned Lorenzen, his parents and Memphis police. While describing the tone of the calls, Wilson said, ‘Oh, just basically… things like if she caught him with anyone else, she’d have him ‘F’d up’ or whatever.’ She went on to say, ‘I’ve let the mother hear, I’ve let the father hear, I’ve let him hear. I went to Memphis police because I was concerned and made a report. Her conversation was all over… but at the same time it was threatening.’ Sherra Wright’s divorce attorney, Gail Mathes, paints a different picture of her client. Mathes says Sherra is a devoted and loving mother of six, struggling to pay the bills.'”