Los Angeles Lakers Reportedly Chasing Lamar Odom

by July 08, 2013

After Dwight Howard’s devastating decision to leave them for the Houston Rockets, the Los Angeles Lakers have begun the painful process of assembling a roster for next season. They’re apparently looking to put the 2010 band back together, by reaching out to gauge Lamar Odom’s interest. Per the LA Times: “They are intrigued at the chance of getting Lamar Odom back, not just for name recognition but also because the Lakers need some players who would gladly take minimum salaries. Odom, 33, made $8.2 million last season but might have to take a pay cut to $1.4 million, the veteran’s minimum for a player of his experience. The Lakers could also sign him via their ‘mini’ midlevel exception of $3.2 million. Odom spent last season with the Clippers, averaging four points and 5.9 rebounds before becoming a free agent last week. The Clippers have turned their attention to veteran Antawn Jamison, whose signing would decrease their need for Odom’s services. Odom helped the Lakers earn two championships and won the NBA’s sixth man award. The Lakers currently have eight players under contract for a total of $77 million, including Metta World Peace, who they are leaning against waiving via the one-time amnesty provision. They don’t want to add any long-term contracts, knowing well their only player under contract for 2014-15 is Steve Nash.”