Magic Johnson: Brandon Ingram the Only Untouchable Laker

by May 26, 2017

Brandon Ingram is the only Los Angeles Laker that’s off-limits this summer, says Magic Johnson.

The Lakers own the second overall pick in next month’s NBA Draft.

Ingram, 19, posted averages of 9.4 points, 4.0 rebounds, 2.1 assists and 28.8 minutes over 79 games in his rookie campaign.


“I would say probably the only player that we would say, hey, we would probably not move is Brandon Ingram,” Johnson, the Lakers president of basketball operations said Thursday.


“I think that we’re excited about Brandon, his length, his size, his agility, his athleticism. And then when you think about, you know, he was a baby coming in, in his first year last season and we see that he really has a high ceiling and we’re excited about what he can possibly turn into.”


“We have as good a young core — once we add this pick — as any [team] in the league,” Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka said at the draft lottery in New York earlier this month. “Even the great teams that are dominant — like Golden State — they grew through the draft. We feel like we have that type of core, for sure.”

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