Magic Johnson Says Clippers Have the Right to Cover Up Laker Banners

by October 25, 2013

Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson sees nothing wrong with Doc Rivers covering up his rivals’ championship banners during home games. The LA Clippers head coach explained to the press how the mildly controversial idea was born. Per the LA Times: “Last year when the Clippers were blowing us out, obviously I was sitting there with Eddie Lacerte, our trainer in Boston, and he taps me on the leg and says, ‘Look at that,’ Rivers said before Wednesday’s preseason game against the Utah Jazz. ‘I didn’t want to look at anything at that point, we were down by 30 points, and I look up and you see all the banners. He said, ‘Man, I would never have that.’ This is what Eddie said. And I thought ‘Well, he’s right.’ Again, the Lakers can blame a Boston guy.’ Rivers said that since the Clippers announced the move, he’s received mostly positive feedback. ‘The other day I was in a drug store and a Laker fan said, ‘I can’t believe you covered up our banners, but I was always wondering why you hadn’t done it in the past,’ Rivers said. ‘It’s the Clipper court and that’s the way we feel. Again, it’s not a disrespectful thing at all, it’s not intended that way at all, it’s more that when we play our game it should be about us and only us.'”