Magic Johnson Wants Lakers Coach Mike Brown ‘to do a Better Job’

Though no longer directly involved in team business, Magic Johnson is still listed as an executive with the Lakers, and he continues to publicly apply the pressure to head coach Mike Brown. Per the LA Times: “I’m really not tough on Mike Brown,’ Magic said. ‘I just want Mike to do a better job. I like Mike Brown. I thought the defense since Mike came here has improved. But I don’t like a 7-footer out on the perimeter when we have the advantage down low. I have to point that out. And the Lakers don’t lose in the first round; that’s not who we are.’ […] “I think Andrew Bynum is not going to reach his potential,’ Magic continued. ‘What I’m saying is Bynum has to take the next step,’ Magic said. ‘If he takes the next step, he should stay. He will be a dominant center. But he hasn’t done it yet.’ Magic said the Lakers still need an outside shooter to be championship-worthy. He said recently Jim Buss did a good job in rebuilding, and would call it a great job if he added Dwight Howard. ‘Dwight is better than Bynum,’ he said. ‘Everybody knows that. I want what’s best for the organization. Dwight would be amazing with Steve Nash and Kobe. Finally Kobe will have a chance to rest on offense'”