Magic Make History, And Barely Win?

by June 10, 2009

by Ryne Nelson

Many things say this is still a series. For one, the Magic are down just 2-1 with two more to play at home. Orlando could easily have won Game 2 in L.A. were it not for a questionable no-call at the end of regulation. Clearly, the Magic showed heart in Game 3, standing strong enough to secure its first Finals victory in franchise history.

But with good news comes the bad. The Magic shot 62.5 percent overall (75 percent in the first half) and 70 percent on two-point field goals. Kobe missed five free throws.

And the home team barely won! Listen to how Rafer Alston interpreted it:

Alston said that the Magic had a close enough call despite their hot shooting, meaning they needed to play better defense.

“The bad thing is we shot 62 and a half percent and almost lost the game, so we’ve got to find a way to defend these guys….stop fouling Kobe.”

The Magic won’t set another NBA Finals shooting record this series. So the question is: Can they beat the Lakers again when they shoot like mere mortals?