Man Who Sold Web Domain to Mark Madsen Going to Jail

by July 26, 2011

Former Laker and Timberwolf Mark Madsen once purchased a popular web domain off of eBay for over $100k. Turns out the guy who sold it to him had acquired it illegally, and now, he’s off to the clink. The AP reports: “Daniel Goncalves pleaded guilty in December to stealing the domain name and selling it on the eBay auction website for $111,000. He was sentenced Friday and was ordered to pay restitution. Goncalves was arrested in 2009 after an investigation by the State Police Cyber Crimes Unit. He admitted illegally accessing an account belonging to the owners of and transferring it to his account. He sold the name to former Los Angeles Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Mark Madsen, known for his uncoordinated dancing at Lakers championship celebrations. Madsen wasn’t aware the domain name was stolen. Prosecutors say the name was worth up to $200,000.”