Report: Grizzlies Consider Marc Gasol, Mike Conley ‘Untouchable’ in Trade Talks

by September 06, 2017
grizzlies marc gasol mike conley untouchable

The Grizzlies reportedly view Marc Gasol and Mike Conley as “untouchable” in trade talks.

Per CBS Sports, Memphis is committed to building around Gasol and Conley, with both players locked into their contracts for multiple years.

The Memphis Grizzlies consider All-Star center Marc Gasol “untouchable” and have refused to enter his name in any trade conversations, two sources close to the situation told CBS Sports this week. […]


Typically, the idea that Gasol could be available stems from the perception that Memphis has lost momentum and “needs” a rebuild.


The Grizzlies, in reality, have made the playoffs the past seven years, and their decision to re-sign both Gasol and Mike Conley (who is also considered “untouchable” according to sources) was made with the intention of building around the duo long-term.

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