Marcin Gortat Screams Out Movie Quotes to Motivate Wizards Teammates

by May 02, 2014

Washington Wizards center Marcin Gortat is evidently a film buff, and he’s more than happy to (loudly) share his favorite movie quotes with his bemused teammates. Gortat seems to believe this motivates them. Per the WaPo:

“Do you say something from 300 before games sometimes?” I asked Gortat.

“Hell yes,” Gortat responded.

“What do you say?” I asked.

“PREPARE. FOR. GLORY!” Gortat responded, in a very theatrical and loud voice.

“Before a game?” I asked.

“Always,” Gortat said. ”When we’re running out, I’ll say from 300 ‘This is Sparta!’ or ‘Prepare for glory!’ [or] ’Give them nothing but take everything!’ ”

“He thinks he’s a guy from 300, the big swole strong guy,” Garrett Temple said of Gortat.

“He definitely could have played in that movie,” Drew Gooden added.

I asked Gortat whether he was doing this movie quote thing to be funny or serious.

“Serious,” he said. “You know, yelling loud. I’m saying the quotes from Gladiator: ‘We who are coming to die salute you!”

“The part in Training Day where Denzel says – excuse my language here, I’m quoting a movie – ‘King Kong ain’t got [nothing] on me.’ ” Temple explained. “Marc, he kind of messed it up. He said ‘King Kong ain’t [nothinged] on me.’ So we clown him about that now, and so he jokes about it now. Now he says ‘King Kong just [nothinged] on y’all.’ Marc is a character, man.”

“He knows the movie Bad Boys 2 like the back of his hand,” Temple said. “He knows it just as much – I mean, no offense – just as much as American black people know it. That’s one of our favorite movies, but he knows that.”