Marcus Camby Thinking of Retiring in 2012?

by October 12, 2010

Camby tells FanHouse that when his current deal expires, he may walk away from the game:  “The Portland center, who turns 37 in March, is under contract through next season. But that could be it for him. ‘I’ll finish out my contract. I don’t know (after that),’ Camby, making $8.45 million this season and $9.26 million in 2011-12, said. ‘It depends on how my body feels. It depends on the situation that I’m in. If I’m in the rotation, then I’m fine with that. I think I’ve got too much pride to be the 11th or 12th man.’ Camby, entering his 15th season, is now a Trail Blazers starter. But it remains to be seen what his role will be with them down the road, especially if Greg Oden, Portland’s center of the future, can return effectively after undergoing surgery for a serious knee injury sustained last December. With big men always needed, the four-time leader in blocked shots might be able to continue to find NBA work into his 40s. But he won’t be looking just to have a job. ‘I could,’ Camby said of being able to play in the NBA for several years after his contract expires. ‘But I don’t know. I’ve got to get reacquainted with my kids.'”