Marcus Smart: Hand Injury Could Have Ended Season

Boston Celtics guard Marcus Smart lacerated his right hand after punching a picture frame in his hotel room three weeks, an injury that Smart says could have been season-ending.

The 23-year-old had a piece of glass pulled out of his hand, and the gash required 20 stiches.

Smart’s self-inflicted wound cost him him 12 games.

Per the Boston Herald:

“They pulled a glass piece out of the palm of my hand about that size (maybe a couple inches based on his gesture),” Smart said. “And they said the two tendons that ran along the pinky area, the main tendons, and literally the glass was sitting right in between them. So, like, you should go play the lotto or something because you missed your tendons. They don’t understand it. They don’t really see how. So I thank God for that every day.

“It could have been worse. I’m glad it’s not.”

What would have happened if it had hit the tendons?

“I probably would have had to have surgery,” he said. “I would have been done for the year.”