Mario Chalmers Claims He Taught LeBron James the Floater

by May 29, 2012

We often see Mario Chalmers getting chewed out by LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for mistakes made on the court, but Chalmers is a valuable member of the Miami Heat. The young point guard even claims to have taught LeBron an important basketball lesson. From the Palm Beach Post: “LeBron James unleashed another weapon against Indiana, a short floater in the lane that he successfully converted several times in the series. ‘It’s something I have in my bag, if I need to go to it,’ James said. ‘It’s something I needed in that series, with (Roy) Hibbert protecting that rim, and not allowing us to get all the way to the rim at times. Myself and D-Wade and Rio all pulled it out in that series. If I need it in this series, I’ll use it as well.’ What did Mario Chalmers, who uses that shot often, think of James’ version? ‘It was good,’ Chalmers said. ‘But don’t let him fool you. I taught him that.’ Chalmers said they have practiced it together, but ultimately it comes down to court feel.”