Mario Chalmers: Kevin Garnett, Boston Celtics Wearing Down

by May 05, 2011

Everyone that’s watching the series can see it, but it’s something Mario Chalmers’ Heat teammates and coaches haven’t allowed themselves to publicly voice, but he has no qualms doing it on their behalf: KG and the C’s look old, slow and defeated out there (especially late in games.) From the Boston Globe: “The Celtics appear to be blurring the line between being experienced and being old. The Heat just want to keep running. After two games of this second-round series, Miami guard Mario Chalmers said he is seeing fatigue in the opposition. Citing Kevin Garnett in particular, Chalmers said, ‘His face during the duration of the game gets longer and longer, so we just want to keep running on them. We know they’re an old veteran team, and our young legs, we want to use them to our advantage.’ Coming off a 102-91 victory in Game 2 Tuesday, the Heat were given yesterday off and will practice this morning. They are being careful not to get too confident as the series shifts to Boston this weekend. ‘It is a long series,’ said LeBron James. ‘I am not getting too high. I am not getting too low. This is what we wanted to do. We wanted to win the first two games. We are looking forward to going to Boston.’ The series kicked off with a physical, defensive matchup in Game 1 (a 99-90 win for the Heat), and Game 2 was close until Miami went on a 14-0 run in the fourth quarter. ‘I think when it comes to the fourth quarter, we have an extra push,’ Chalmers said. The Heat have made speed and athleticism as much a part of their style as bruising defense, and the Celtics look to be feeling the effects.”