Mark Cuban Calls Phil Jackson the ‘First Housewife of the Lakers’

With Phil Jackson on hand for Shaquille O’Neal‘s jersey retirement ceremony, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to throw some a playful dart at his old nemesis. Per the LA Times: “I have great respect for Phil too, Jeanie’s husband as he’ll now be known,’ Cuban said, referencing Jeanie Buss, the Lakers’ executive vice president and governor who votes on issues at owners’ meetings. ‘Someone’s got to be the first housewife of the Lakers.’ Jackson, who became engaged to Buss in January, spoke during O’Neal’s halftime ceremony. ‘Like Shaq, they’re both part of what makes the NBA unique,’ Cuban said. ‘There’s not a lot of personalities that really define themselves — not just by their accomplishments on the court but by their wit and intelligence off the court.’ Cuban said he even urged Jackson to remain in the NBA after the Mavericks defeated the Lakers in the 2011 playoffs. ‘When the Mavs beat them that series,’ Cuban said, ‘I walked up [to Jackson] and said, ‘You’re great for the NBA. Please don’t retire.'”