Mark Cuban Thinks Changing Hack-a-Shaq Would Be A Mistake

by February 06, 2016

Mark Cuban made it clear that he disagrees with Adam Silver’s recent comments about the Hack-a-Shaq strategy being bad for the NBA as an “entertainment property.”

Cuban argues that Silver may be listening to a small group of “basketball purists” who decry intentionally fouling poor free-throw shooters.

Rather, the Mavs owner thinks Hack-a-Shaq adds an element of intrigue for fans—strategy-wise, will a poor free-throw shooter be kept in the game?

More from ESPN:

Cuban argues that the chess match of hack-a-player makes the game more fascinating for fans.


“Does he make the free throws?” Cuban said. “If he makes one or two, will they do it again? Did the strategy work?”


Cuban contends that the league might be overreacting to a small minority of “basketball purists” outside the media.


“We have to realize that the number of basketball purists that aren’t in the media is probably under 1,000 people globally,” Cuban said. “There is no special basketball beauty in walking the ball up the court and dribbling around the perimeter. Will we change that too?”