Mark Cuban Compares the Media to ‘Heroin Junkies’

Cuban’s crusade against reporters who dare to criticize his Mavericks team (and do so online) continues, as he appeared on CNN yesterday and likened these laptop-wielding people to drug fiends. Nice and classy as always, that Marky Mark. From USA Today: “Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, on CNN’s Reliable Sources show Sunday, elaborated on his blog post last week that he’s considering barring website reporters from the team’s locker room since ‘their goal is to quickly satisfy the immediate cravings of their reading audiences’ and that might not be in the Mavs’ own ‘best interests.’ Cuban then elaborated: ‘I don’t want to hand a heroin junkie the needle, and in this particular case, giving them locker room access is pretty much the same thing.'”