Mark Cuban Finalized Rajon Rondo Trade from the Set of ‘The Colbert Report’

by December 19, 2014

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was on hand for the epic finale of “The Colbert Report” Thursday night, but he still took care of one important piece of basketball business.

Cuban apparently gave the final green light on the blockbuster (and ultimately inevitable) trade for All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo while sitting in the green room with other celebs:

Needless to say, but Cuban is very excited about bringing Rondo onboard.

Per the Dallas Morning News:

Mark Cuban is a big believer in basketball IQ and Rondo’s is off the charts. Cuban also is bullish on the 6-1 guard’s rebounding ability. Here’s what the owner had to say about the acquisition of Rondo:


“He is intense, he knows how to play. He immediately becomes our second-best rebounder. He pushes the ball and his length gives us more defensive options.


“And I think you will see an inspired player with something to prove when he puts on a Mavs’ uniform.”