Mark Cuban Lends Mavericks Plane to JJ Barea for Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban loaned the team plane to JJ Barea to transport supplies to Puerto Rico to aid in Hurricane Maria relief.

Barea, a native Puerto Rican, organized an online fundraiser which raised more than $140,000.

Cuban shared a Facebook video showing the team’s plane being loaded with supplies (Barea appears at 7:48):

From ESPN:

Barea left Monday afternoon and plans to return Tuesday night, missing the first day of Mavs training camp.


“I was really proud of J.J. and how quickly he got involved and how hard he worked to make all of this happen,” Cuban told ESPN in a text message.


“That’s a situation that he’s got to take care of,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “Mark gave him our team plane. They loaded up a bunch of stuff, supplies, etc., to take over to Puerto Rico, and they’re going to turn around and come back. He’s going to take his mom and grandmother back with him, and my understanding is his dad is going to stay over there and slug it out with all of the recovery efforts.”

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