Mark Cuban: Mavs ‘Did Everything Possible To Lose’ After Elimination From Playoff Contention

by May 17, 2017
mark cuban

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban went on the Dan Patrick Show on Wednesday to talk about draft lottery reform and anti-tanking alternatives.

Cuban shot down Patrick’s idea of rewarding teams for wins after elimination from playoff contention. Starting at 0:31:

“The Mavs, once we were eliminated from the playoffs, we did everything possible to lose games.


“If we knew that this was a rebuild season, and we [tanked] up front, then you kind of know what team you have.


“If you can get eliminated early and start building momentum, you could finish the season 30-10 and end up with a boatload of ping pong balls.”

Dallas was mathematically eliminated from the playoffs after losing to the Grizzlies on March 31.

They lost five of their remaining seven games, and even signed retired Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for a day.

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