Mark Cuban Says He’ll Let Free Agents Help Shape Team

by June 18, 2013

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’ free agent pitch includes allowing incoming stars to work with his front office to reshape the Mavs’ roster. Per the Dallas Morning News: “What is his sales pitch to big free agents? Mark Cuban: ‘Part of the sales pitch that we’re making if we sign one of these max-out type guys is Dirk [Nowitzki] comes off the books next year, Shawn Marion comes off the books next year. All we have is Jared [Cunningham] and Jae [Crowder] on the books next year, and so in essence you get to come in and it’s you and we have room for two more max-out free agents. So that’s why when I talk about a two-year plan, that’s the concept. So part of our sales pitch is look, we’re not going to try and fool you and say you and Dirk and Shawn and Vince [Carter] and fill are basically a championship caliber team. Maybe you can get on a run, maybe we can get the right guys, maybe we’re pretty good, but the reality is come next year you’re going to work with us and Dirk to go out there and pick your team.'”