Mark Cuban Thinks OJ Mayo Can Become a Star

by September 19, 2012

OJ Mayo’s NBA career has yet to take off, but after having joined the Mavericks this summer, Mayo’s new boss in Dallas believes that OJ can reach stardom. From the Dallas Morning News: “O.J. comes in with the work ethic and everybody falls in behind him,’ Jared Cunningham said. ‘He’s a great teammate and he’s knocking shots down. His confidence is back. He’s in the gym every day — late nights and early mornings.’ Said owner Mark Cuban on Mayo: ‘I think he can be a star and I think O.J. knows that this is his make-or-break, who-am-I-really-going-to-be-in-this-league year. And Coach [Rick Carlisle] is going to give him that opportunity. We’ll see what happens.'”