Mark Cuban vs. Kenyon Martin’s Mom

by May 11, 2009

by Marcel Mutoni

The scene following the Dallas Mavericks’ heart-breaking loss to the Denver Nuggets in Game Three was chaotic. Put simply, the Mavs lost their minds.

Josh Howard had to be held back by teammates from going after the refs (he also took his anger out on a photographer), and team owner Mark Cuban also took issue with a camera man (check it out here).

Though he played nice with the press after the game, Cuban did not hold his tongue when he spotted Kenyon Martin’s mom in the stands. Let’s just say he didn’t wish her a happy Mother’s Day.

The Denver Post reports:

During the postgame chaos after Saturday’s Nuggets-Mavericks game, Dallas owner Mark Cuban had a brief but heated confrontation with Lydia Moore, the mother of Denver’s Kenyon Martin, who was seated near the tunnel that leads to the Mavs’ locker room.

Cuban said Sunday by e-mail that when he walked off the court, a fan was screaming about the Nuggets being “thugs,” so Cuban said to Martin’s mother: “That includes your son.”

According to Martin’s agent, Brian Dyke, Cuban spotted Moore amid numerous Nuggets fans and said, unprovoked, “Your son is a punk.” Regardless of what insult was stated, NBA spokesman Tim Frank said, “The situation on the floor postgame is being reviewed.” Cuban said by e-mail he knew Martin’s mother, because after a previous game that Denver won, she had approached him and made trash-talk-type comments.

There’s no question that the Mavs were screwed by the officiating in Game 3, but their actions thereafter make it a little hard to feel too sorry for them.