Mark Cuban Wants to Create a Dallas Mavericks TV Network

by October 11, 2011

The real money is in television deals, and Mark Cuban obviously knows this. Which is why he’d like to create a TV network for his basketball team. From the Dallas Morning News: “The Lakers are going to have their own network, why not the Mavericks? That’s the feeling from Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who spoke to Multichannel News. When asked about creating a Mavs network, Cuban said, ‘Yeah of course, when my deal is up. Absolutely. I think Time Warner [Cable] is kind of our incumbent [in the Dallas area] and HD Net is not on Time Warner. So will I package the two to get one? Absolutely.’ It likely wouldn’t happen soon. The Mavericks have a deal with Fox Sports Southwest through the 2016-17 season … When asked about the viability of a single-sport network, Cuban said, ‘One, I mean because it’s live. That’s the key. Live drives. Live television programming is the only appointment television left, whether it’s basketball, football, baseball, hockey or Dancing With the Stars or American Idol. There’s a reason why those are the most popular programs. So I think, just by default, those will continue to do well.'”