Mark Jackson: Warriors Can Make 2012 NBA Playoffs

by June 08, 2011

The Golden State Warriors’ new coach kicks things off in The Bay with a fairly big promise. The San Fran Chronicle has the transcript from Mark Jackson’s chat with reporters last night: “Will you stop the Warriors’ uptempo style? ‘Absolutely not. We will push the basketball. We will look to make plays in transition. We will not just push it just to be pushing it. We’ll have a mindset to take care of the basketball, to get quality looks. But those looks are going to be earned on the defensive end. You’re not going to have a license to shoot when you’re not getting it done on the other end. They will be held accountable and there will be a price to pay. I’ve come to the mindset that the only way to win in this league and win big is defensively. So we will be committed on the defensive side of the ball.’ Jerry West said in a recent interview that he thought the Warriors weren’t far away. What are your thoughts? ‘I agree. When you look at that talent level, this is certainly a team that’s more than capable of making the playoffs and making a run. No problem on the offensive end. Can score the basketball. Certainly got to get better with the ability to score on the low block where teams get quality points and easy points. But that’s going to come. But the main thing is the culture has to change. Continue to play solid basketball. You have to be a successful team at home, take care of your business and then compete on the road. Inexcusable not to compete on the road. There are things that will no longer be tolerated. I’m excited about changing the culture in the Bay land.'”