Mark Jackson: Warriors Should Be Embarrassed After Loss to Grizzlies

by January 24, 2012

A day after telling reporters that his team was playing “winning basketball” and close to turning things around, Mark Jackson’s Warriors gave up a 20-point lead at home, and lost in humiliating fashion to the Memphis Grizzlies. Per the San Fran Chronicle: “Warriors coach Mark Jackson said his team should be embarrassed. Warriors small forward Dorell Wright said the 17,549 fans at Oracle Arena on Monday night should still be booing their team. Warriors point guard Stephen Curry said the team had reached a new low point. Those are the kinds of things that are said after a team does everything possible to blow a 20-point lead and remains in 14th place out of 15 Western Conference teams because of a 91-90 loss to Memphis. ‘We allowed them to take over this game, and we should be embarrassed,’ Jackson said. ‘You have to destroy the mentality that’s been here. It’s some deep-rooted stuff, but I believe in these guys.’ It’s got to be tough to continue to believe in the Warriors (5-11), who blew all of the goodwill obtained through three quarters of sparkling play with an avalanche of panic and quit in the fourth quarter.”